About Us

Rimara Pak. Co manufacturing of plastic cutler and packaging is a Jordanian partnership company conceptualized and founded in 2005. The company is registered at the ministry of trade and industry – Jordan, as a manufacturer and supplier of disposable cutlery kits to the local and the international markets. Rimara Pak. Co Production facilities are located in Yasamine industrial area in Amman, Jordan and serving nation – wide.

The company premises include a manufacturing facility, a substantial warehouse, customer service, and plant administration. Rimara Pak develop, produce and provide high quality products and excellent customer services through deep understanding of customer needs and perceptions, recruitment of high caliber professionals & technicians, adopting strict quality control procedures and embracing new scientific advancements in the disposable cutlery industry.

In general, Rimara Pak has five production lines:

  • Automatic packaging and thermo sealing cutlery kits: Rimara pak cutlery kits provide restaurants, hospitals, hotels and hypermarkets with their needs of cutler items packed in a hygienic, safe and presentable kit.
  • Automatic napkin production line: This includes a high quality, very soft and hygienic table napkins, with a printing possibility.
  • Disposable plastic cutlery production lines: includes a high quality of transparent and colored disposable plastic cutlery
  • Automated wet wipes production line.
  • Flexo printing machine.

Rimara Pak Co. has a mission to commit to the values of integrity, caring , and stewardship. We are committed to provide quality products and services to help our customers expand their profitability, enhance a rewarding environment for our employees , and encourage a sense of responsibility with our community.


Rimara Pak Co. long term goal is an aspiration to become one of the major players in the local and regional disposable cutleries market and to positively contribute to the advancement of disposable cutleries technology to bring about a better for the client

  • Customer commitment
  • Gender Equality
  • Invest in Jordanian employees
  • Respect for the individual
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Quality